SGM3 – Strategic Growth Marketing for the Cannabis Industry


SGM3 provides end-to-end creative-to-media solutions for the Cannabis industry to BUILD brand awareness, GROW online reach, and CONVERT visitors into customers.

We get it – growing a cannabis business is tough. 

Cannabis can be a tough business, between onerous taxes, unrealistic compliance hurdles, uncertain legalization, limited banking options, lack of standards and labeling guidelines, and so much more. But we are here to help.

We’ll sweat the details so that you can grow your business – Not only will build brand awareness to we help you attract new clients both locally and from around the world, we take care of your online presence too.


  • Outsource non-core business functions – Let’s start with your website. We’ll set it up, we’ll maintain it, we will help you grow your online presence. No more calls to tech support (you know the call centers in India). No more updates, no more malware, no more viruses. We take care of it so that you can focus on your business. Oh yeah, we make backups daily because sometimes things happen. We’d rather retore than rebuild.
  • You figure out the messaging (we can help), and we’ll do the rest – We will post it to the blog, update the website, share it on Linkedin or Twitter, or whatever channel targets your clients. All we ask is you give us 24 hours to get it done. We service customers worldwide – so while you might be at your desk, we might be asleep. We promise to take care of your request in 1 day! Feel free to call us and remind us of our promise if we don’t.
  • Our services can scale as you grow – Maybe, for now, you need us to take care of the website. Cool. But if you have additional needs –
    • We can handle content development, including whitepapers, blogs, press releases, webinars, and video marketing.
    • We offer AI-powered web accessibility tools to ensure your site meets standards set by the WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1) AA level.
    • We can manage your Googe Adwords and other paid campaigns.
    • We can manage all of your social platforms for greater brand awareness.
    • We can handle all of your SEO and growth hacking needs.
    • One of our dedicated project managers can serve as your fractional CMO and manage all of your needs while working directly with your team.
  • We know a lot of excellent people – Need a bookkeeper; we got you covered. Need a lawyer? (sorry for that) We got you covered. Having been in business for over 20 years means we have built a network of professionals to support our clients, and it’s a win-win for everybody. You get your problem handled, our partners get new business – and in return, we get lots of love = more referrals and repeat business.


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At SGM3, we have over 20 years of experience in digital marketing. We don’t guarantee to make you rich overnight (anyone who says they can is scamming you) – but we will make your life easier, and we will help you develop systems to keep the pipeline full.

There is no signup button. That’s not how we work. Instead, we offer a free consultation to understand your business needs. This isn’t about trying to upsell you to more expensive services; it’s about taking the time to understand what your business needs. And, if we can’t do it, then we’ll make an introduction to a referral partner (still win-win) who can.

If you need additional services to complement our work, like a photographer or graphic designer, we’ll work with our partners to meet all of your needs.

Our #1 priority is to help you succeed. Not because we are nice (we are) – but because we understand that we need to earn your ongoing business.

We love referral marketing. A word-for-mouth referral is the biggest compliment we could receive. It means we’ve delivered and that you trust us with your most important asset – your business network.

Like we said, Win-Win.

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